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A lot of people every day are earning easy money following Our Systems for the Casino on line,
despite the Casino of internet have tried to hold hidden the truth the reality is that the softwares used for the "virtual" roulettes they are made evil and they have some notable bugs!!!

Selected Methods
Our harvest of methods found online or on specialized books in the game of the roulette, various techniques of game from the more ancient to the more modern and revolutionary, all to the course of a click.

Our Systems
Methods for easly beat the Casino on studied line and made a will for you by, every day we work and we make a will new methods for our visitors...

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Everything you need to know about the game of the roulette and other available games in the Casino on line.

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Some history never spoils, especially if it deals with simply earning money playing..

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A selection with the best Casino of the net and specialized sites on the hazard and the bets in internet

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The newsletters published by the Gambling Federation to hold informed his/her own players on the various initiatives and prizes put in palio every week.

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A section entirely devoted to the French roulette, his/her origins, his/her rules, as the carpet is interpreted, as they makes him the betss, and even a small glossary.

Black Jack System
A system that if played in the correct way assures the mathematical win!

Everything about the fair roulette
A section entirely devoted to the French roulette, his/her origins, his/her rules, as the carpet is interpreted, as they makes him the betss, and even a small glossary.

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earn money with our simple method - Method Three of a kind

A simple and effective method to win notable sums with the electronic roulette...

The classical game of the roulette

We have decided to open this section of the site to spread a method from us made a will that exploiting some particularities' of the softwares used by the Casino international
from the Possibility (not indifferent) to win more of 500 European a day...


1 - THEY ARE CHECKED AND YOU/THEY CANNOT CHEAT OR TO USE MAKEUPS: further to be checked by various international organs (what they attest the impartiality of it' of the softwares) you always hold present how many daily thousand of people play from the whole world, if they obviously held an incorrect behavior they would lose all the players and they would purchase a bad fame (in short in internet he/she immediately would be known), it would go therefore against their affairs, this that you have to understand is:
They Earns With The Chickens That Play Without Method (just as happens in the Casino real)

2 - THE PAYMENTS ARE ALWAYS PUNCTUAL: is them interest to do him/it, the players bother if the payments immediately are not performed (to whoever it would bother) and you/they cannot afford to lose players, in the precise instant in which you decide to receive part of your wins or to withdraw you completely enough Clickre a button and a check part in the turn of 24 hours (they deliver through it posts ordinary or with UPS within 7 days), there are no ties you can for instance pour 100 European and in the turn of few minutes to find again you with 500 European in your account (with our method is very simple that occur) and to decide immediately to withdraw 400 European, is free in short to move you...

3 - THE GAME OF THE ROULETTE HAS OF THE "DEFECTS OF PLANNING": You avoid the various giochinis type slots or similar and assembled you on the roulette, the classical simple and generous roulette. Unlike the real roulettes those of the softwares of the Casino virtual they have a dwarfish defect that will risk' to make to win you notable sums....

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The method consists of patiently waiting that I/you/he/she go out for 3 times the same color (red or black is indifferent).

Question: How do I do to wait since does the roulette turn for me only and therefore if not point doesn't turn?
Answer: sara' enough to play a token on the red and one of the same value on the black, simple but effective.

You won't lose anything unless doesn't go out the 0 but this very rarely occurs (it has 1 probability' on 36 to go out)
But you will have the Possibility to observe the course of the roulette.

To this point we return to face the discourse of the inaccuracy of the softwares...

The software that manages the roulettes of the Casino on generically line produces the number that has to go out exploiting the functionality' in planning note with the name of "Random" (and that IS Casualness').

I know for direct experience (since I am a planner) that in reality in computer science the Random indeed it doesn't exist since for paradox the processor has to develop a casual number following a logic and all of this is a contradiction... to good intenditor few words...
The reality is that the roulette will have' almost always a regular course (generally after a sequence of 3 equal colors to the 99% of the cases it will go out' the opposite color).
All of this it founds him on my direct experience, in short I am currently in win.... and if it wins qualcun'altro with my method it is not able' whether to make to like me;)

Question: That IS I should play on the Red if for instance for three times following it goes out the Black? That's all?
Answer: You!

Question: And because' nobody knows him/it?
Answer: Certainly that he/she is known, I have for instance discovered him in an American site that explained various methods of game but this is without doubt the more certain.

Question: Does you always win???
Answer: Certainly that no, I have had evenings in which have gone to the peer or at the most have lost 40 European but have had a lot of evenings in which have also won more of 1000 European! As in all the games it takes some intuition over that fortune but with our method fortune counts few enough only to know how to observe the roulette

IN SHORT THE ETHIC IS: If we stay calm, we don't make us take from the fever of the game and we aim only after having observed the course of the roulette for at least 10 minutes following, if everybody these conditions will be respected the win sara' insured to 99%, if then really not is your day.... beh gone to rest and you retry later the day, do never make take from the fever of the game, if you lose or if you understand that not is correct evening simply abandoned the game and not thought of us on, you will have the opportunity of referring you... (my personal suggestion is to always play small figures, not more of 100 European)

Question: When it is worthwhile to abandon the game?
Answer: It depends on the evening, me as personal experience I can tell you that there have been evenings in which I/you/they have succeeded in winning more of 1000 European, when the correct vibration feels there not him is nothing that is able you' to stop, certain reached a figure by you established in advance is better closing and to enjoy himself/herself/themselves the money...

How much here express train derives from experience, who ax to play ago it under his/her own responsibility, the rules they are those that you find in the program of connection, the transactions are managed (and so the casino) from the suitable society in the program. limits him to the exposure than available near the site of the society that furnishes the system of connection.

Spin roulette for free



Click to start the free download of the games is a amateur site on the game of the roulette and the Casino in general, the whole material reproduced in the site is fruit of free talent or retrieved in internet in sites web or public forum, all the quoted marks belong to the legitimate owners of the Copyright so as the software proposed in the site that is distributed and managed by the Gambling Federation. The owner of the site is not taken on any responsibility penalty or civil resultant from the use of the proposed software, of it from the mass in practice of techniques or methods of game proposed. doesn't have any responsibility on what is published in the public forum, that as such is open and accessible to everybody. reserves him the right to censor or to eliminate any information or message published in the site through the forum and held not fit to the same site.
Before attentively playing laws the disclaimer, (rule).


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