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Amateur site on the more exciting casino game in absolute... The Roulette.

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Selected Methods
Our harvest of methods found online or on specialized books in the game of the roulette, various techniques of game from the more ancient to the more modern and revolutionary, all to the course of a click.

Our Systems
Methods for easly beat the Casino on studied line and made a will for you by, every day we work and we make a will new methods for our visitors...

Rules of the Roulette
Everything you need to know about the game of the roulette and other available games in the Casino on line.

The History of the Roulette
Some history never spoils, especially if it deals with simply earning money playing..

The Best Casinos
A selection with the best Casino of the net and specialized sites on the hazard and the bets in internet

News Letters
The newsletters published by the Gambling Federation to hold informed his/her own players on the various initiatives and prizes put in palio every week.

Everything about the roulette
A section entirely devoted to the French roulette, his/her origins, his/her rules, as the carpet is interpreted, as they makes him the betss, and even a small glossary.

Black Jack System
A system that if played in the correct way assures the mathematical win!

Everything about the fair roulette
A section entirely devoted to the French roulette, his/her origins, his/her rules, as the carpet is interpreted, as they makes him the betss, and even a small glossary.

European Casinos
Casinos in Austria Continues...

Casinos in Swiss Continues...

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casino Directory
Sites specialized web on the gambling

Games of hazard
Site on which it is possible to play free to blackjacks, videopokers, roulettes, lotteries, tombolas and other gamblings and where acqusiti can be made with credit card. The program can directly be unloaded by the Net.

Games of hazard
The site allows to unload the software to use online the gamblings as roulette, poker, slotmachines.

Games of Casino
To play with 23 different games: baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker for the fun or with true money.

Games of Casino
Site in which to play free of hazard twenty-four hours to the game. The win is in true money and the software it is free.

Games Of Casino
The site proposes a virtual casino with real wins. Here gimmicks information on rule, software, wins and a section devoted to the download.

Glamour Casino
The casino online with available virtual games in eleven world languages and a room from game with instructions to play and the rule.

Glamour Casino Programs of Collaboration
The site proposes to promote the Casino Glamour to be able to earn and to open a proporio Casino.

Grand Casinò
Italian virtual casino that wants to become an amusement site and of great attraction for the lovers of the gambling.

earn money Casino
A casino to open online and being entrepreneur of your site of hazard. In the site indications and information.

House of Player
International casino where you can play in any moment to win money or to listen to the music and the sounds typical of a casino in Las Vegas.

Imperia Casino
Site of a casino online, in which games are found in 3d and so much other anchor.

Imperial Casino
Casino online with available virtual games in eleven languages.

Imperial Casinò
Virtual casino to earn money playing to the Russian roulette, to the black jack, to the slots machine and to the video poker.

Internet Casino
Gambling wins and plays with: poker, video poker, roulette, baccarat, papers, dice, craps and slotmachine. The software is free and you can play offline.

Internet Casino
The casino more popular international online of the world, has opened its virtual doors. You/he/she can be crossed and to walk around the Casino, to rotate in 360 degrees around his/her corridors, to listen to the music and the sounds typical of a Casino Las Vegas. Naturally you/he/she can be played, in any moment to win true money.

Internet Casino
Italian Casino open twenty-four hours on twenty-four where you can play to poker, roulette, card games, baccarat, slotmachines. The software is free, you will find instructions to unload him/it.

Internet Casino
Room from games online completely in Italian, where on-line true money or false money offline can be won. You will find information detailed on formality I accredit wins and information on the available gamblings, poker, video poker, roulette, slotmachines, blackjack.

Internet Casino
It enters the temple of the gambling virtual Casino with real wins. You can play for fun or with credit card and to earn true money. You find you detail instructions on credit cards acknowledged for playing to the Casino and formality of I accredit. you win true money with poker, roulette, video poker,blackjack of the Casino online.

Italian Casino Online
You can play and to win true money as if you were in Las Vegas, on your connected computer to Internet; the wins are accredited on your credit card or expeditious through a cheque for aerial mail; you are able besides chattare with other players, to invite your friends to play together and to make new friends.

Play to the Casino without moving you from your house! You will find roulette, videopoker, slotmachine and so many other giochi.Puoi to play for pure fun or winning true money.

Click here to download the free games is a amateur site on the game of the roulette and the Casino in general, the whole material reproduced in the site is fruit of free talent or retrieved in internet in sites web or public forum, all the quoted marks belong to the legitimate owners of the Copyright so as the software proposed in the site that is distributed and managed by the Gambling Federation. The owner of the site is not taken on any responsibility penalty or civil resultant from the use of the proposed software, of it from the mass in practice of techniques or methods of game proposed. doesn't have any responsibility on what is published in the public forum, that as such is open and accessible to everybody. reserves him the right to censor or to eliminate any information or message published in the site through the forum and held not fit to the same site.
Before attentively playing laws the disclaimer, (rule).


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Casino Directory
A directory full wedge of links devoted to the game of the roulette and the Casino on line,

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You go to the page of the free download to start to play in formality' simulated or with real money
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Casino in the World
The best Casino of Europe and whole delMondo, review of Casino historical and famous.

Casino links
Sites Links about the Casino and the roulette selected among hundreds of links signalled us, the best of the net on the game of the roulette.

Bookstore Casino
The best texts published on the roulette and on the gambling, authoritative texts that any good "researcher" should have.

Bibliography Roulette
Other rich section devoted to the books to the texts and the essays of the more great researchers of the roulette.

Everything about the poker
The history, the rules, the used terms and some curiosities on the card game of more hazard beloved to the world

Everything about the black jack
The Rules of the Black Jack, the green carpet and his messages, the employees to the table of the blackjack, the calculation of the probabilities in the Black Jack

Help Desk Online
Help page with complete explanations on as to download and install the software to play casino games on line.

Basic strategy
Black Jack

One detailed explanation of the basic strategy for winning with the Black Jack.

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All the novelties, the contests and the prizes for the affiliate webmasterses to the Gambling Federation. If don't be still affiliato,avrai the possibility to enroll you, you will enter to belong to a group of success in a market in Read expansion

Roulette Discussions
A point of meeting to share his/her own knowledges, his/her own methods, or simply to make four chatters with whom has your same passion

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