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The Blackjack


General notions

The Black Jack is essentially a game of American origin, introduced in Italy toward the sixties. In the different Casinos you/he/she is played with a lot of variations, which mainly concern the papers offered to the player. It regulates common it is that the dealer (or rather the croupier) it has to throw with a score of 16 or less, whether to stay with 17 or more, independently from the total ones of the players.
The form of the table is approximately a semicircle. The dealer is found standing on the diameter, the players take place instead in the curved part. Every participant has a box on which has to place his/her own bets. Nevertheless also other players can have the same boxes not influencing the decision of the holder however.

The game develops him among the bench and a series of players in varying number from 6 to 7, and with a number of regulation bunches of 52 papers.

Before the dealer distributes the papers, every player effects his/her bets in the relative boxes. After the rien plus goes it is not accepted from there anybody bets. The papers are distributed beginning from the player of left.

The papers have the following value:

1) the aces count both One is Eleven (to choice of the player).

2) The figures or rather the Queens, the Infantrymen and the Kings, Ten are worth.

3) all the other papers respect their facial value.

All the hands in which the ace can be counted both One is Eleven, they call soft hands (or rather soft hands), while the other ones are defined hard hands (hard hands).

The maximum ones and the minima vary from Casino to Casino.

The player has to try to get a score that draws near the more possible to 21, without overcoming him/it. In case I cross the overcoming of this limit you/he/she is defined with the term "it unpacks." In this case the player is seen to withdraw his/her own mail. During the game the participant is able to his/her liking to throw one or more papers in the attempt to improve his/her position.

Not as soon as the distribution of the papers is finished, the dealer has to verify if has made Black Jack, in such case the hand is automatically finished. He withdraws therefore immediately all the betss except those of possible Black Jack. If the dealer doesn't have the possibility to do him/it instead, to every player in possession of Black Jack it is paid in the twos proportion of three the mail in game, while for the others the game regularly continues.

An insurance that is offered to the player exists, in the case the dealer shows an Ace or a figure. Obviously such insurance is approved before the bench checks his total. The bets with which he assures, is generally set in front of the box: if the dealer has Black Jack, the insurance wins and is paid in relationship of 2 to 1. Contrarily she loses him, while the bets of original base stays in game. Nevertheless is the insurance both the original bets, they are completely independent. As a rule the value of the insurance it doesn't have to overcome that some bets.

If a player has Black Jack and the dealer you/he/she shows an Ace, the bench offers the possibility to ask at par for the payment in immediate way, such manoeuvre has called even money. In the case that the dealer doesn't have a Black Jack, he turns to the first player of left to see if it intends to improve his/her own hand. It passes per second then and so street.

While every player to his/her choice can indifferently throw or to stay, the dealer doesn't have of it.

In fact it has to faithfully follow the rule written on the carpet (lay out), which imposes him to throw with a score of 16 or less, whether to stay with 16 or more. To notice that in some houses from game, the dealer also throws with 17 soft (soft seventeen rule).

If the player doesn't unpack, while the dealer him, the first one wins and you/he/she is paid at par. Instead if both don't unpack, it wins that with the total taller. if it wins the player, it is paid at par. If it wins the dealer, the player loses his/her own bets. Finally in case of parity the hit is practically void (push).

In the case that the two papers of the player have the same facial value, they forms a pair, it is possible to separate her forming two twin boxes. this type of operation has called "splitting pair." The initial bets stays on one of the two boxes, and a second of the same value is placed around second box. Then the player receives a new paper on each of the boxes. He separately plays the two hands, one to the time, with the possibility to make following divisions to discretion of the direction of the casino.

In the case in which the two separated papers are of the Aces, the player receives an only paper for each, always with the possibility to complete other divisions. If in to divide two Aces the player it receives a Figure, or if in to divide a Figure it receives some Aces, you/he/she is counted him instead a 21 that a Black Jack

You has besides the possibility to double his/her own bets receiving a third paper. In some Casinos you/he/she is allowed to only double with an Eleven, while in others also with Nine and Ten. In certain rooms from game it is permitted to double on all the total initial, also after having divided the papers in the boxes. In the slang the doubling is defined with the term "doubling down."



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