The best casino affiliate program in the net!
The best casino affiliate program in the net!

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The Most Valuable Casino Affiliate Program


New Affiliate Program!

Casino Federation is proud to announce a fantastic update to our already Industry-leading Casino Affiliate program! It’s now quicker and easier to earn more affiliate revenue than ever before.

The Most Valuable Casino Affiliate Program

Casino Federation has built a solid reputation with the highest paying, Industry unique Casino Affiliate program, which allows marketing affiliates to place banners on their site or promote their own customized casino. Working with Casino Federation will make you more money than with any other affiliate program!

The unique opportunity is based on our business model and price – COST FREE! Affiliates are responsible for the marketing - we do the rest. The overhead costs involved in operating and managing an online casino are enormous. There are high processing fees, merchant account fees, banking costs, customer support costs, hosting fees, legal fees, etc. With the Casino Federation Casino Affiliate program, we take on all these costs, making it possible for you to join this business for FREE. Our program allows individuals and companies to be up and running immediately and to invest those same dollars into marketing & advertising programs.

Affiliate Commission

As a Casino Federation affiliate, you have access to the top earning casino affiliate program available online! Based on a 3-Tier structure, we offer you more ways to make money than any other affiliate program.

Tier 1: 50% of Player Net Gaming Revenue

We pay you up to 50% of the Net Gaming Revenue* of each player you bring in. Your Commission is based on the following scale:

Weekly Net Gaming Revenue
Net Profit [%]
Up to $500
$501 to $5,000
$5,001 to $15,000
$15,000 and up
* Net Gaming Revenue is based on this formula: Player Deposits [minus] Winnings [minus] Processing Fees [11%] = Net Gaming Revenue
Player Deposits excludes any bonuses, cash comps or free money a player receives

Tier 2: 5% of Direct Referred Affiliate Revenue

We pay you 5% of the Net Profits of each affiliate you directly refer to the program. Net Profits paid to you from your affiliates is based on this formula: Net Gaming Revenue earned by your Direct Affiliates [times] 5% = your Net Profits. This Multi-Level Commission can quickly add up!

Tier 3: $10 Cash-In-Hand

We pay you $10 for each player your Direct Referred Affiliates bring in, the first time those players deposit $100.

"With all 3 tiers combined, it is impossible to find a fairer, more competitive Casino Affiliate program!"

Program Details!

Promote an Existing Casino or your own Customized Casino

We offer you 2 options when deciding how to become a partner of Casino Federation. The first option is to promote one of our existing casinos; the second option is to promote your own customized casino, with your choice of casino name, web address [URL] and website & casino graphics. The program has been designed to maximize affiliates marketing efforts; you may choose to promote an existing casino and tackle the entire market or create a customized casino and target a specific market segment.

Guaranteed Weekly Payments, All Around the World!

We know how essential marketing money is to your business, which is why we have selected to pay all of our affiliates every single week. Casino Federation provides accurate real time statistics, which gives you the ability to track your results 24 hours a day to see what payments have been sent and any payments that are due to you. All Processing Fees are laid out for you. There are absolutely no hidden or additional fees. And unlike many other affiliate programs on the market, we DO NOT withhold any of your money for a security deposit.

You Own Your Players For Life!

If you send a player to us either through a banner or your own customized casino, this player is tagged with your unique Affiliate ID and remains your player forever. Whenever this player enters the casino and makes a deposit you will receive your share of the profit. Even if the player does not play for a long period of time, when they return they are still your player. This is a consistent, residual, lifetime income opportunity.

Industry Leading Marketing tools!

Partner Tools - Partners are given a complete set of tools to manage their accounts via the Casino Federation Members’ section; these include the Earnings Report, the Traffic Report, Marketing Tools and Account Management. Each of these tools allows you to completely manage your player database and your marketing campaigns, allowing for fine-tuning of your efforts. You will find details on net gaming revenue, the commission rate paid, the number of registered & active players, the number of registered & active affiliates, and more, all designed for the sole purpose of increasing your revenue.

Player Tools - From within the casino software, players are able to manage every aspect of game play and account management. Players have access to the Transaction Report, which lists all deposits, withdrawals and bonuses recorded on their account since opening. The Account Balance Report keeps a record of their current real money and bonus balances. The Account Information section allows them to manage their account and keep their information up to date. Finally, within the Banking section, players can add money to their casino account via multiple payment methods or they can request a payout of their winnings.

Targeted Player Promotions!

All Casino Federation casinos offer a competitive sign-up bonus to help attract new players. In some cases, players can get a bonus of $250 with a single deposit. As part of our G-FED Points program, we reward loyal players with bonus points for wagering, which they can redeem for real money. Finally, we distribute promotional mailings and newsletters to players with special promotions and bonuses, and a newsletter to all affiliates with advice on how to improve their marketing. These programs are available to all affiliates free of charge - let our marketing dollars benefit your player base!

Complete Affiliate Support

The first group of people that you will probably interact with from the organization will be the customer support division, some of the most knowledgeable casino & gaming people within the company. All aspects of CRM, both player and partner, are handled within this group. If there is a question or issue raised, this group knows the answer and will always provide it with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. With a full staff consisting of 15 languages, they can assist players with all topics relating to loyalty, disputes, casino play and bonuses and can assist partners with any marketing, technical and financial issues.

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